Juma Steel Band is  one of the leading steel bands on the circuit and is run by  the band leader Junior Bailey, Drum Kit player/percussionist who has been involved with steel bands since a teenager.  

He has personally known the musicians for more than 20 years who are all very experienced and highly professional.

Many of the musicians have toured the world extensively playing at some top venues.

Here are some of the places they have travelled to:  Caribbean Islands , Macau ,Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Spain , Germany, Ireland.  


They have performed for various celebrities such as sport stars, actors. pop bands and politicians.





Junior started playing the Drumkit in steel bands at his secondary school during the 1970s.  One of his first performances was playing at the Royal Albert Hall for a school steel band festival .

Junior also joined various other groups as a drummer playing blues, reggae,  rock , country and western and soul .

He had the opportunity to session for Edwin Starr, The Foundations, Scritti Politti,The Tony Charles Steel Band,and many others.

Junior has toured to countries such as Macau, Hong Kong , Singapore, Dubai, Seychelles, Thailand, Germany, Spain. Holland, Northern Ireland, Monte Carlo, Jersey, Luxembourg, Isle of Man ,Isle of Wight, Scotland . Wales and all over the UK.


He and his band have  played for Dame Julie Walters, Jermaine Defoe OBE and Denise Lewis OBE to name but a few .  

Juniors sole aim is for all to enjoy the music and  welcomes all clients to engage with the band at events.         

 Our musicians are a mixture of Male and Female

Line ups:

  • Duo consists of  2 steel pans and small drum machine
  • Trio   consists  of 3 steel pans and small drum machine or  2 steel pans and a drum kit
  • Quartet consists of 2 steel drums, bass guitar/ bass pan and drum kit



Definition of  Juma

Juma (Finno-Ugrian root juma(la) god, the heavenly one) The sky-god of the Mari people (Cheremis) who live between the middle Volga and the Vjatka. His customary epithet is ‘the great one’. The word juma is, however, also applied to the spirits of the earth, the water, the wind and the household.

                         From The Book:

The Routledge Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses.